Direct Referal

In 2004, St Helens and Knowsley PCTs set up a direct referral system for local optometrists to refer patients to the Eye Department of St Helens hospital, part of St Helens & Knowsley NHS trust. It is hoped that eventually the scheme can be expanded to cover other hospital trusts in the area.

In Warrington and Halton, optometrists have also referred direct to the HES for many years. All patients are seen at a triage clinic at Warrington NHS Trust within 2 weeks.


There are Wet AMD services available locally at St Helens and Warrington eye departments. Local optometrists are encouraged to refer rapidly to these services where they suspect the presence of wet AMD. This page includes versions of the AMD atlas document, where the referral form can be printed already with the required fax number. If faxed directly, the service will contact the patient and arrange an initial assessment within 2 weeks.


An electronic GOS18 can be downloaded below to use for referrals. Copies of this electronic form can be obtained by contacting the LOC chairman, Bob Wilkes


This page has the main documents required by practices participating in screening in the Central Mersey cluster.


The LOC developed guidance on optometric referrals. There is a document below with advice on making more appropriate referrals and an Excel spreadsheet, which has link to internet pages for each condition mentioned. These links allow differential diagnosis, patient information or links to support groups. The spreadsheet is an evolving document and the LOC would welcome any assistance in updating and improving it.


The documents used by local optometrists are available on this page. Most of them are generic documents and could, therefore be used by optometrists in other areas.

  • Electronic GOS 18
  • St Helens Wet AMD referral form
  • Warrington Wet AMD referral form
  • Electronic Referral form
  • NICE Referral Proforma
  • Referral Guidance
  • Referral Spreadsheet with links
  • Referral criteria for Warrington optometrists
  • Referral routes for Warrington optometrists


If you have any comments to make or want more information, please contact the LOC chair Bob Wilkes 0151 426 2214